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The Fourth Dimension Revisited

By DR.David Yonggi Cho
            Before I wrote the “Fourth Dimension”, I had a terrible time in my life because of the things that were happening in Korea.  In those days, the Buddhist Monks were healing the sick, and many famous people were healed through the Buddhist Monks.
            The Buddhist Monks would take the people to the prayer Grottoes to pray for them, and many leading figures in Korea went to them for prayer.  They were healed from many diseases including cancer.
            Many Christians became confused, and they would come to me and ask me how Buddhist Monks could heal?  They asked me what the difference was between the healings from the Buddhist Monks and the Christian healings?
            At the same time there was a great Buddhist Revival in Japan, and it had a great influence on the Japanese society.  They also had great healings in Japan, and so all of the Christians were confused.
            The Christian healings were no longer special because the heathen religions had their own healings as well.  I needed to receive a clear answer from the Lord.  I went to Prayer Mountain and entered a prayer grotto to receive deep revelation about how to explain these things to the people.
            Out of that time of prayer came the book, the “Fourth Dimension”.  God gave me a very clear series of revelations to explain the truths through geometry.  Geometry has nothing to do with the revelations in the Word of God, but while I was praying the Lord`s Spirit unveiled these truths to me.
            I want to reveal these truths to you today.  These truths enabled me to build the Kingdom of God this far and they will in the future.  Geometrically, the distance between two things is a line between the two points.  The line should not have any thickness or width.
            It is an imaginary line, and the first dimension is a line between two points.  The second dimension is when you line up many lines together to make a plane.  The third dimension is when you gather together all of the second dimension planes, and it is the cubical world.  It is the time, space and material world.  The third dimension includes the first and second dimensions.
            This world is of the third dimension of time, space and materials.  Who made the first dimension?  It is found in the Book of Genesis, that the Holy Spirit hovered over the third dimension, and He brought order into it.  The earth, water, and animals were created by God.
            The fourth dimension is the unseen spiritual realm. The fourth dimension includes all dimensions as the Lord is over all and in all. Human beings are in the fourth dimension through the Spirit of God or the demonic spirits.
            That is why human beings are creative for good or evil.  Geometrically speaking, you can see the different realms or dimensions in the world.  The spiritual belongs to the fourth dimension.
            The Buddhist Monks had the fourth dimension inside, and so they were able to perform  supernatural healings through the demons.  The Monks use the occultish method of visualization, strong soulish wills and verbal proclamation to perform their counterfeit healings.  We, Christians proclaim our healings from the Lord Jesus Christ because, “By His stripes; we are healed in Jesus` Name!”
            The Holy Spirit said that the magicians in Egypt could perform many miracles through this method.  The fourth dimension was used by the magicians in Egypt almost to the caliber of Moses` miracles.
            Through the third dimension, they created the snakes, blood, frogs, and lice.  These were creative supernatural demonstrations, but Moses was able to exceed all of their magic.  Moses was operating in the Holy Spirit fourth dimension whereas the magicians were operationing in the human and demonic fourth dimension.
            The Holy Spirit said to me, “Human beings can bring miracles through yoga, and they do the yoga through their minds when they concentrate.”  They can bring healings by calling upon the evil fourth dimension powers.
            In Korea, the Monks were practicing the fourth dimension, but their power was manipulating the first dimension through their flesh and their evil spirits.  The Holy Spirit told me that I needed to do miracles far surpassing the evil fourth dimension by the power of God. The Lord told me how to operate in His fourth dimension.
            1.) The fourth dimension involves what we think.  The Bible says in Ephesians 3:20, “Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.”
            God`s fourth dimension power works through your thoughts, and when you think negatively, you are blocking God`s power.  Your spirit is above the third dimension physical body and realm.  When you have negative thinking, you are bringing tremendous negative effects upon your body.
            If you have hatred in your thinking, then your body and health will be effected in a negative manner.  Your thinking is what empowers the fourth dimension in your life, whether it is bad or good. Whether your thinking is of the enemy or of God.
            You need to have very powerful, positive and godly thoughts in order to receive your healing, miracles and positive results from the Lord.  Faith in God activates the Lord`s power in your life, but thoughts of anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, hatred and strife activate the evil powers of the fourth dimension.  When people think on what is of God, then they will have creative power working in their lives for good. 
            Philippians 4:8, “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”
            On the other hand; thinking negative thoughts of anger, hatred, unforgiveness, contention, strife, racism sectarianism, and all evil thinking has the opposite effect on a person`s life. Negative thoughts and attitudes bring destruction upon the mind, the emotions and the body.
            Sickness and disease (which literally means dis “ease” or unrest) come from stress, worry, anger, unkindness and all evil thinking.  Our thoughts have power over the third dimensional world for good or for evil.  Our thoughts are very important.  We can have our minds transformed and our thinking renewed by the Word of God and by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
            Romans 12:2, “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”
            I am trying to bring these teachings to my congregation.  When the people in my congregation grasp the importance of their thinking processes; they begin to have a great renewal for good in their lives.  Many people think that thoughts will not change anything, but that is not true as our thinking controls the fourth dimension in our lives.
            If you think thoughts such as, “I am ill, I am evil, I have high blood pressure, I have cancer, my business is going to fail”, and the list goes on and on; you will activate those manifestations in the third dimension of your body and your behaviors.
            You will end up having cancer, high blood pressure and all of the above.  Then the whole atmosphere is effected by your thinking, and it brings failures in your life. By preaching and teaching the Word of God, we overcome these negative thoughts.
            The roots of the negative things in your life come from someone`s negative thinking.  I asked the Lord how I could uproot the negative thinking, and He told me that it was by His Word, the Word of God, “By His stripes you are healed”, and “You can do all things through Christ which strengthens you”, etc.
            When I heard Phil Pringle talking about how the Word of God in Romans 8:28 brought a total change in his church: it was amazing.  The root was in the thought, not in the manifestation.
            We must renew our minds through the Word of God, and then the Holy Spirit fourth dimension can work through you. If you do not renew your mind in the Word of God, then the evil spirits of Satan can come in and control your thinking processes.
            2.) Secondly, the Holy Spirit fourth dimension also works through your visions and dreams.  These are very important.  Visions and dreams are what the fourth dimensional power works through.
            The monks ask their clients to visualize their desires; these are counterfeits of the true visions and dreams that come from the living God.  God gave great leaders in the Bible visions and dreams.  Abraham, Jacob, Daniel, and Joseph were given visions and dreams from God.
            These were fourth dimensional visions that brought forth the Kingdom of God.  Jacob`s dreams and visions brought a change in the DNA of the animals.  The fourth dimension is higher and more powerful than the first, second and third dimensions of the physical realm.
            In my church, we have many thriving ministries, and our business fellowship has 50,000 members.  Most of them are millionaires now, but when they first came to our church, they were broken, and they were poor.
            I preached about the power of the fourth dimension and that they must renew their minds through the Word of God and through visions and dreams from the Lord, and they were able to change their thought patterns.  Supernatural power came upon their bus through the power of the Holy Spirit.
            You can overcome all things through the Holy Spirit fourth dimension.  I was asked why my disciples were able to go out and have the largest churches wherever they went?  I always laugh and say, “They have been saturated to see things in great ways, and so that is all they knew.”  They don’t think in narrow or small terms, but they think very big because that is all they know.
            I am overjoyed to see their progress, and I know that they are average people, but they start big churches because they have learned the power of the Holy Spirit fourth dimension.  My wife used to be silent, but she caught visions and dreams from the Lord, and then she went out to help our universities and all of our ministries.
            She began to have great visions and dreams for education, and she took over our universities in Korea and in California.  Now, she wants to become an evangelist, and so she went to Bible College, and now she is conducting evangelistic meetings in Korea and all over the world.
            When you have the fourth dimensional vision in your heart, then your life is bound to be changed in a wonderful way!  I tell new pastors to write down their visions on paper so that they can go back read it to renew their visions and dreams from the Lord daily.
            3.) Your faith is the activating force of the Holy Spirit fourth dimension.  Leaders in the secular world use their human faith to attain their goals.  I marvel at the Governor of California as he was a body-builder and an actor, but now he has a high position in the government.  He first had to have a vision in order to become the Governor of California.
            Even, unbelievers exercise the fourth dimension without knowing it. Faith is what their mind is working through.  Islamic members have faith in their goals.  Christians say, “I can`t feel the faith”.  However, it is a matter of choice.
            If you don’t have faith, you will have fear and doubt.  Many times, I believe all of the circumstances that are negative, but then I choose to believe in what God says.  Faith is a decision.  You must believe.
            The head of the synagogue`s daughter died, but Jesus told him to have faith, and to believe that his daughter would live.  Mary and Martha were at the tomb of their brother Lazarus, because he had been dead for days.
            Jesus told them if they would believe, they would see a resurrection to the glory of God. Through faith, we are able to exercise the fourth dimension in our lives.  Jesus Christ always said that your faith will heal you.  This faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  We must believe the Word of God, and we will have faith.
            4.) Prayer is the means whereby that we can acquire the Holy Spirit fourth dimension.  People say, “Why should we pray for 2 or more hours?”  The longer you pray, the more you give the Holy Spirit an opportunity to work in your thoughts and lives.  Through prayer, you open your life and the lives of your family, friends and fellowman to the Holy Spirit.  Prayer is where great creative power is birthed.
            When I say a prayer, the words bring the power of God into my life.  The Lord`s prayer is very powerful, and through prayer we put ourselves in the fourth dimensional world.  Praying the Lord`s prayer builds your faith, and you can be healed, delivered and transformed by believing and praying the Lord`s prayer.  The widow that came to the unrighteous judge just asked the judge for justice, and she kept coming to him night and day with this same request.
5.) The mouth`s confession is a powerful part of the fourth dimension.  God spoke this earth into existence.  He spoke, and the heavens and earth were formed.  The Word of God spoken through your mouth is powerful in the fourth dimension.
People ask me how I built this church, and I tell them that I spoke it out; and then the Holy Spirit built the church.  Be careful what you speak as what you bind on earth is bound in heaven and what you loose will be loosed in heaven.
It is done by your words.  We declare, “Thy will be done in the third dimension as it is done in the fourth dimension”.  God calls things that are not, as if they were.  We are commanding God`s perfect will be on earth as it is in heaven in the fourth dimension.
Always use these five steps when you desire to accomplish something in the Kingdom of God. First, it starts with your thoughts, then the thoughts are formed by your visions and dreams from God; thirdly, you need to have faith and believe that it will happen; fourth, you need to pray about it repeatedly, and lastly or fifth, you need to speak it out of your mouth or declare it as accomplished.
The Holy Spirit fourth dimension works beautifully through these five steps and you can be greatly effective in the Kingdom of God.  I am trying to build the fourth dimension in the hearts of people so that they can bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God.  Then, the Holy Spirit can work through them in a mighty way!  Most people`s thinking is in the terrible, destructive fourth dimension.
I then counsel them to enter into the Holy Spirit fourth dimension which will bring healing, deliverance, growth, goodness, renewal and restoration in their lives.  We are not trying to find a way in the dark, murky places, but we Christians know the true and right way. It is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. It is found in Jesus Christ and His Word.
His Way will revolutionize your life and your world.  The Christian`s supernatural works will far surpass the works of the evil fourth dimension works.  We can do even greater and greater works through growing in the Holy Spirit fourth dimension every day.  We do not have to stop this five-step process, and it will continually grow and grow.
I changed my thinking from expansion to extension.  Now, I am not trying to make my individual church grow, but I am extending it outward by pioneering and extending my church outward into far reaching areas in Korea and the world.  We will have 5,000 new churches started in Korea first.  We already have 300 new churches started.
I will be spending money for my disciples so that they can grow, and we can all grow together as a team.  The Holy Spirit fourth dimension will give you revolutionary, new ideas so that you can have glorious church growth wherever you go.  The Holy Spirit controlled fourth dimension will bring God`s very best into your life, your family, your ministry and your world.
Zechariah 4:6, “Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel , saying, Not by might, nor by power, but My spirit, saith the LORD of hosts”. 
DR.David Yonggi Cho is the Senior Pastor of The Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, Korea.  He is also the Founder, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors for “The Church Growth International Ministry.

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We always look to the cross of Jesus Christ. God began to give us new York trough the cross of Jesus Christ. When Jesus Chirst came and was crucified on the cross, He not only crucified sin, He also crucified our flesh, too. So, when we have Jesus, He has redeemed us from sin, from worldliness, from disease, from the curse, and from death and hell.
Through the cross of Jesus Christ; Jesus recovered lost human rights in Eden. Adam and Eve had fallen from grace. God cursed the land, and their lives. They were not supposed to die, but god said, “You will die.” They were chased out of Eden. They  lost communication with God, but trough the cross of Jesus Christ, Jesus deliveredus from the curse, from sickness, disease, and from deth. So, we look always to the cross of Jesus Christ and charge our thinking from the 3rd dimensional way to the 4th dimensional belief. We should always teach people to look to the cross.
Everyday, all trough the 50 years of my ministry, my main message was alywas, “Look to the skies, the cross of Jesus Christ. Count the stars. Count the number of graces flowing down from the cross. Look to the sky. Count the stars.” As many stars as you count, that will be your thinking. Even today, I myself try to look to the sky, see the cross, then count the benefits from the cross. I try to live by faith. That is so important.
Many people are trying to live by their own struggle. You can’t become strong only by your own struggle. You can’t become a great man of faith by human struggles. You can’t become a better Christian by yourself. Only God’s grace can come and change you,and your dimension. You shall go into the 4th dimensional thinking.
The 1st dimension is the line.
The 2nd dimensioni s the plane.
The 3rd dimension is the cubic.
The 4th dimension is no line, no plane, no cubic.
In the 3rd dimension, the world was all in chaos, at the time of creation. The Holy spirit moved upon the world. A new world came intu existence. The 3rd world was in a chaotic condition. It was in darkness and water was all over the earth. Then the spirit of God was moving, huggimg,hovering over the chaotic world. People could not see the holy Spirit. Then, God spoke saying, “Let there be light!” and light appeared.
Then heaven appered. Everythimg was made according to the will of God because the Holy Spirit hovered over the chaotic 3rd dimension. We are in the 3rd dimension. We are limited human beings. We have limited time, space, and lives. Only when the holy spirit comes and hovers over us can we live according to the promises of God. Things are happening in the world. Change is coming.
In the Buddhist thinking, everything is by meditation. They try to change themselves trough meditation, and by suffering. With Christians it is different. In Christianity you are coming out of the 3rd dimension and going to live in the 4th dimension way. You have visions in a 4th dimensional way. To live in the flesh is the 3rd dimensional way Christians who live in the 3rd dimensional will always be baby Cristians. They all live by human sense, but those Christians who come into the 4th dimension are spiritual Christians. They live by the power of the holy Spirit. They become creative, mighty Christians.
Of course, to have church growth, you need a lot of things. You should be a good preacher, know how to process the people,and  know how to organize the people so they won’t become lonely. Your attitude must be in the creative power of the 4th dimension. If you are not living in the 4th dimension; all of these human instituions will not help you at all.
I have been in the 4th dimension in my dream. When I started my ministry, I began with 5 people. I was seeing 300 people in my dream . every moment in the early morning prayer meeting, during the daytime, in the night time, I was counting my stars . I saw 300. I was believing for 300 members. I said, “We have 300 members.” That was in my mind all the time. Of course, with 300 people, I should visit more. I should pray more. I should help people more.
I should prepare more sermons. Then, when I had 300, my dream was for 500. Soon, I had 500 members. Then, I had 1,000 when I had 1,000, I dreamed of 3,000,5,000 and 10,000. As I lifted up my head higher and higher, I began to look at the skies deeper and further. Then, I worked very hard. When you have more Christians, you should have more time to process them, pray for them and help them. Some Christians when they are lonely will depart from the church.
People don’t want to live a lonely life. When your church grows, many people come, but they don.t fellowship with each other. They have no fellowship, so they come once ot twice. They are lonely, they have no fellowship so they leave the church. So as your church grows, you should know how to organize the cell system so they can work togheter very closely.If they have a problem, they have place to go to talk. So organize the cell system. Hoever, maintaining the cell system is a great job. Training the cell leaders is very important. You must train many cell leaders so they can take acre of themselves and their members.
As your church grows, your cell leaders will grow and your cells will grow. To take care of these is a great job. When you are young, you are full of vision. With the 4th dimensional idea in your heart, the continual need of the people, getting them organized, helping them, then your cruch can grow anyplace. Very speedily you can have a great church.
However , the pastor must not be lazy. For 50 years I have had no vacation. My friend had a small church and spent a whole year on a vacation. This was after he had ministered for only 10 years. Pastors may go on a vacation to Amerika or Europe, takinga year’s vacation. I feel like dying when I see that kind of action. Because when you try to maintain your people , you have to work every minute of the day. Sometimes I would not leave my church, but would sleep there all night.
I would have no time to return home, then come back to the cruch. If you don’t have an understanding wife you would never be able to do that. Your wife should really understand you. Your children should understand you, too. So, having a good church, a great church is sacrificing your wife and children, but my wife understood me. She helped me.
For 50 years I spent this kind of life. Now, the doctor said, “You should have a vacation.” I began to have a terminal sickness called Parkinson’s desease. I began to tremble and could hardly stand or walk. When I went to the hospital, the Doctor said, “Usually, secular people would not have this kind of sickness. We call this disease, They holy sickness, because ministers, professors and these kind of people get this sickness. You have been using your mind to much. This sickness can never be cured by human means. You can just maintain it by taking medicine.”
Still, every moment, I began using the 4th dimension. Began to see Jesus crucified. I saw myself healed. I have hope. I have dreams of being a healthy person, and I For a little while I was trembling. When I would preach, was standing int the 4th dimension. I was not surrendering to the 3rd dimension. The power of God came and overcame this parkinson’s disease. It is still in me, but I have overcome it.
You many live two kinds of life. One kind is the human life, living under the flesh tent, thinking like a human However, you can live a super life, a dth dimensional life sky. You should concentrate on the sky; count the stars. My heaven is always this Bible. I always count the number of stars. Those stars can change your life. You can live a different life, a great life, a successful life, and a wonderful life.
I really hope that you all have a great church. You can have great church. You are supposed to have a great church. So, never think in human terms like, “I am not a good preacher; I can’t preach well the church is very small, ot our people are very hard”. No, that is not the way. You can have church growth by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are not doing anything by human knowledge or power. We are doing it by God. You believe like God. The Holy Spirit, who is a spiritual power.
You can do this in your personal life, your ministry, your business, in everything. God is life. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He wants His will to be done on earth, as it is in heaven. However , to do His will on earth, you are the vessel so that God’s will can be accomplished om earth. You think like God. You see like God. You believe like God. You talk like God. That is so easy.
Abram did it. Abram talked like God talked. Abram believed as God believed. Abram spoke like God spoke. It was not easy because he was 85 years old, but God said, “You are going to have a son.” Under the tent, Abram complained, “My servent will be my inheritor.” However, God said, “No, your son will become the inheritor.” So it was a struggle between his flesh and his spirit.
That is the reason that Abram looked to the sky every night and counted the stars. It was a struggle. His wife was a great hindrance. She said, “Even if God said that, you can’t believe Him. So, take my servent and have a child.” Abram was persuaded by his wife and made a big mistake by having a son by hagar, but God never recognized this son.
God punished him. He was 85 years old and still he did not have a son. For 9 years he had no son. The time came for him to give up, but he kept on thinking as God, seeing as God, beiliving as God, and talking as God. At 100 years, he was very old. His hair was white. He was very weak, but still he believed. Then god said, “O.K. it it is time for you to have a son”, and Isaac was born.
As Abram struggled in his life, you will have struggles in your life. After 50years og ministry, still I have struggles. My flesh will always rise up, scare me and tempt me, but every time, I would shake my head and carwl out of my tent. My physical body want to crawl back into the tent because it is a cozy, small place. I want to think under the tent, but always shake my head, “NO, no, I am coming out of this tent. I should look to the sky; I should count my stars.”
Lead with your star. Then, you will become a star in the world. Everybody can look to the sky. Everybody can find his own star. I have a star, and you should find your won star. You should find a star for your Christians. Christians need their own star. What they need you should find. You should point the stars out the them. Then, you will have success. Your people will have success. You will have a wonderful church.
Chruch growth is not an easy thing when you try to do it by myself, but if you unite together with God, then the impossibility becomes a possibility. To build a church cost more than one million dollars, two million dollars or even 3 million dollars, I had no money under the tent, but when I came out and looked at the stars, there is so much money in the stars.
God always met my needs. Very secretly, I tell you. For more than years I have given $170 million to the church. I am not a rich person. I am a poor man. I don’t get a big salary from the church, but I was amazed myself about how I could give so much money for tithes and gifth to the Lord. Suchmiracles can happen to you.
            Miracles are there. Claim the miracle through the stars. Something good is going to happen to you. Great things are going to happen to you in your church. Early one morning when my wife and I arose, she looked at me and said, “From today I am  different person.” I laughed at her and said, “You are a housewife. How are you different?”
            She replied, “Up until now I obeyed you. I was a humble housewife. From today, I am going to think in a different way. God has given me a new thought . I am going to be a professor. I am going to be an evangelist. I am going to be a new person.”
            I laughed again saying, “You don’t speak English at all. You are an Aian of 50 years of age. How can you learn English and become a professor?”
            She said, “Look at me. God is with me.” So, she began her education again. She went to a school in Korea. Then she went to a school in America. She was studying very hard. She earned several degrees and becamea professor and the president of a university.
            One day, she said, “I am going to preach.” I laughed, “You preach! No one will listen to you.” Strangely, when she did preach, people were attending the service, were enjoying it and were happy. One day I secretly slipped into a seat where my wife was preaching to listen to her. I was amazed.
            It did not seem like my wife. She had a different demeanor about her. She had come out of her tent and was looking to the stars. She was very bold, and though she spoke poorly, still it was with authority. The power was flowing out of her.
            When I next met her, I said, “dear wife, don’t worry. Your speech will not change people. Your heart and attitude which is moved by the Holy Spirit will move people. Keep being very bold. Even though you do not speak proper Korean-English to the American people, they will change. Because of your voice the presence of the Holy Spirit will bring a change in their lives. You are living in the stars, not in the flesh. So that is it. The stars changed you.”
            Even now at 74 years old, I have requests for meetings. In fact, I have more requests than when I was in the ministry because I still look at the stars. Still, when I speak, people are changed.
            People are healed. Devils are cast out. Miracles happen. People still call me. That is why I do not let my attention down. I still look at the stars anf go on, but the doctor wants me to take a vacation. He said, “If you continue to live like this, you will not live too long.” So, I have struggle between the doctor and God’s work.
Your life, too, will be full of struggles, but my advice to you is that when you have great difficulty, and have a hard time deciding on something, look to the sky and count the stars. Count them until God tells you to stop. Then that star is yours. You will then make the right decision and something good is going to happen to you.

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